Tucson’s leading car mechanics

TCR 2 Suspension Brake & Alignment features Tucson’s leading car mechanics. Our team specializes in “under car repair” as well as general auto repairs. And, we’re the region’s most skilled pros in these auto repair tasks:

Front end alignment, sometimes called wheel alignment or font end alignment, is a regular part of car maintenance. It involves setting the angles of wheels to the manufacturer’s optimal specifications.

Our auto mechanics goal is to adjust your wheels, suspension and steering systems to operate at their best angles to reduce tire wear and improve your car’s handling.

Alignment is a complex process that is best undertaken only by professional car mechanics like the team here at TCR 2 Suspension Brake & Alignment.

Brakes are another of our specialties. Your brakes allow you to slow and stop your vehicle, so they’re your most important safety equipment. We can help you have the stopping power you need to stay safe on the road.

Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brake systems keep your wheels from locking up when you’re braking hard. With ABL, the wheels maintain traction with the roadway during braking, which is much safer. Our antilock brake experts can troubleshoot and repair any ABL system.


Shock absorbers, usually called shocks, are designed to smooth a rough ride. Shocks do this by changing the kinetic energy of the vibrations being transferred upward from the roadway through the vehicle’s tires into the vehicle, often by using gas pistons or springs to soften the ride.

We carry Tucson’s largest inventory of shock absorbers so we can service all cars, both domestic and foreign.


A clutch lets you transfer the power of your engine to the wheels of your car. Whether your clutch is “slipping” or there’s any other problem with your clutch disc, pressure plate or flywheel, we can fix it.

Our seasoned automotive mechanics can resolve any issue, so you’ll save money on fuel expenses and have the full power you need for daily driving, especially if you’re climbing hills.

Tucson’s best automotive mechanics

Whether you drive foreign or domestic, our auto mechanics are the best in the Tucson metro area. We guarantee each job, and we have the west warranties anywhere in southern Arizona.

Best of all, to keep you on the road we provide access to easy financing for repairs you need today.

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