Brake pads in Tucson

Brake pads are the hardest-working part of your braking system since they receive all the heat from friction when you slow or stop your vehicle. So, it’s important to have your brake pads maintained and repaired by experts such as the team here at TCR 2 Suspension Brake & Alignment.

Whether you drive domestic or foreign, and whether you need brake service for your family car or a high-performance racer, we can fix any brake system.

Signs of brake trouble

Most vehicles rely on a combination of drum brakes in the rear and disc brakes in the front. Regardless of the type of braking system on your vehicle, you should be watchful for any of the following signs of brake trouble:

  • Fading, which means the brakes become less responsive as you use them
  • The vehicle pulls to either side when you brake
  • A loud squealing or grinding noise, which usually means your brake pads are worn out
  • Vibration while braking, which may mean your brake rotors are warped

Disc brakes slow or stop the vehicle by pressing the brake pads tightly against the rotors attached to the wheels. The friction between the spinning rotors and the stationary brake pads causes the wheels to slow or stop.

Even in ordinary use, the pads and rotors are subjected to significant wear and tear, so they require regular checkups and repair.

The lifespan of your brake pads is determined by your driving style. In general, brake pads usually last from thirty thousand to seventy-five thousand miles. If you carry very heavy loads or brake frequently after acceleration, then the wear is increased.

The best brake pads in Tucson

Whether you’re a regular driver or a racer, TCR 2 Suspension Brake & Alignment is your best source for brake pads and other brake parts, as well as expert brake service.

We can help you stay safe on the roadway, and give you the peace of mind that comes from having good brakes. Best of all, we have access to easy financing so you can afford the brake repairs that you need right now.

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