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TCR 2 Suspension Brake & Alignment is Tucson’s premier alignment service shop. Since 19xx, we’ve been providing Tucson car owners with precise wheel alignment.

Whether you’re driving a 1-ton service truck, a racer, a classic cruiser or an ordinary passenger car, we have the experience and specialty equipment to keep your vehicle in its best running condition.

Do you have a lowered vehicle that’s difficult to lift or rack for repairs? Are your tires showing excessive wear? We can help – We have the special tools needed to fix any alignment problem.

Why is wheel alignment service so important?

Wheel alignment is important because it saves money on fuel, while giving you a smoother ride with better handling and increased safety. In fact, tire alignment is the easiest way to save money on your fuel costs.

Crooked tires and deflated tires waste the work of your engine. Misaligned tires can have very high rolling resistance against the road surface, which means poor fuel economy. And, badly-aligned tires wear down their treads quickly.

Misalignment can happen over a period of time, and it can become worse each time you hit a pothole or major bump in the road. So, over time your vehicle’s fuel consumption and handling slowly become worse.

Alignment service restores your vehicle’s tires to their proper orientation, which saves on fuel and makes your ride smoother and easier to handle.

These are the common warning signs that you need wheel alignment:

  • Tread on tires is worn excessively or unevenly
  • The steering seems “loose” or under-responsive
  • The vehicle is pulling to one side or the other
  • It’s difficult to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line
  • The steering wheel vibrates when you’re driving
  • Tire alignment improves handling and gives you a smoother ride

The proper front end alignment gives you the smoothest ride possible and improves the vehicle’s handling characteristics. Once the wheels are aligned correctly your steering is straighter and requires less effort.

Tucson’s most accurate wheel alignment

Whichever kind of vehicle you drive, our highly skilled automotive mechanics provide a perfect alignment so you will enjoy the smoothest ride and best savings on your fuel expenses.

And, not only do we work quickly, we also provide access to financing so you can easily afford the repairs that you need right now.

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