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Brake Services

Disc brakes are the most important safety equipment on your car, so you should make sure they’re maintained and repaired by skilled professional automotive mechanics, such as our team here at TCR II Suspension Brake & Alignment in Tucson. Just as our name implies, we specialize in disc brakes.

It’s important to check brake fluid and brake hoses regularly, and replace them if necessary. We can diagnose and test your brakes, and make any needed repairs.

If your brakes are making noise, or pulling your vehicle to one side or the other, or making the steering wheel shake, you should bring your vehicle to us. Brakes can slowly deteriorate over time, due to wear and tear, so the changes may be difficult to notice at first.

What’s that squealing noise when I use the brakes?

If you hear a high-pitched noise when you use your brakes, it’s time to bring your car in for repairs. Each brake system has a “wear indicator,” which is a small metal piece on the brake pad. It’s designed to touch the rotor only when your brake pad is worn down.

That loud noise is a warning to let you know the brake pads are worn out. The lifespan of your brake pads depends entirely on your driving style.

If you carry heavy loads or drive your vehicle hard, the brake pad wear out faster. Generally, brake pads should last anywhere from about 30,000 miles to 75,000 miles.

We can repair the brakes on any kind of vehicle, whether domestic or foreign.

What’s that squealing noise when I use the brakes?

Since disc brakes have better stopping power than drum brakes, most vehicles rely on discs at least for the front brakes.

Even in normal use, brake rotors and pads are exposed to plenty of stress. So, they should be regularly checked for wear. Beyond brake pads, we often fix issues such as leaks in hydraulic systems.

If your brake pedal has excessive travel, or it seems “soft” or “hard” to push, or if it requires pumping, or if it vibrates when you apply the brakes, you should bring your vehicle in for a check up. There may be issues with your brake master cylinder, combination valve or wheel cylinders.

Tucson disc brake experts

Faulty brakes are dangerous for you and others on the roadway. If your brakes are showing any of the above signs of trouble, we can help. We’re Tucson’s leading experts when it comes to brakes.

We guarantee our work, and we also offer access to easy financing so you can have the repairs you need right now.

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Service Details

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Brake Services

You should always make sure that your disk brakes are maintained and repaired by skilled professional , such as our team here at TCR II.


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