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Differentials & Grears

TCR II Suspension Brake & Alignment is one of Tucson’s best source for differentials, gears and other driveline parts. We specialize in both front and rear differentials, axles, and related parts. We carry a large selection of gears and differentials, and our team is your choice for differential and axle repairs for all types of vehicles.

Stock or modified, we have the right gears and differentials for your vehicle

Whether you have a family car or truck, dragster, racer, custom-built or off-road vehicle, we can help. TCR II carries a huge inventory of differentials, gears and related parts at our convenient warehouse here in Tucson.

From standard front and rear gears and bearing installations to custom off-road applications, we can supply everything you need for any type of vehicle. Most important, we have the experience to install differentials and gears right the first time.

Differentials, bearings and gear sets

Front and rear differentials and gears are the most important component of any vehicle, whether for everyday or recreational use. The gear ratio, tire height, pinion angle, suspension and axle installation must all be optimized in order for your vehicle to perform its best and remain safe.

At TCR II we make sure all parts are appropriate for your application, and installed correctly. And, our team provides all the preventative maintenance, so you’ll have peace of mind when you’re out on the road, or on the track.

TCR II specializes in

  • Differentials, gears and axles
  • Rebuild and repair differentials, gears and axles
  • Change gear ratios
  • Custom differential housings
  • Brakes and suspensions
  • Hydraulic brakes, disc brakes and conversions
  • Suspension swaps, coil overs and air suspensions
  • Replace bearings, spindles, axles and U-joints
  • Custom fabrication, including gears and drive shafts
  • Repair housings and caps
  • Parts or complete assemblies

Tucson’s complete source for differentials and gears

It’s easy to find differentials and gears for your vehicle. We carry high quality parts for long life and top performance.

Our expert team has exactly the right differential or gear for your application, and we’ll give you plenty of free advice if you want to install the parts yourself.

When DIY fixes don’t work, we can help

Best of all, we can install your parts quickly and safely here in our well-equipped shop, so you’ll be sure the job is done right. When a gear job is too much for DIY mechanics to handle, they come to our Tucson automotive repair shop for expert solutions.

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Where to go when in need of auto repair?

If you need expert auto repair in Tucson, we can help. Whether you need brakes, a clutch, front end alignment, or a lift kit for your car, we do it all.

We provide a full guarantee on all our work, and we offer the most comprehensive warranties anywhere in southern Arizona.

Best of all, to reduce downtime and keep you on the road, we offer access to easy financing so you’ll have the car repairs you need today.

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